Giant Monster Robot

Giant Monster Robot is a French Association loi 1901 founded in 2018 with the aim of promoting all forms of performance arts, with an emphasis on music that defies genre description. It has produced concerts in the Paris region at such venues as La Bellevilloise, Le Reservoir, and Caveau des Oubliettes, as well as releasing Cobra Fantastic’s 2019 EP “Tales From Planet 9” (distributed by Socadisc/Absilone).

Supported Projects

Cobra Fantastic

T A L E S  F R O M  P L A N E T  9
Who would have guessed that the baddest, hippest, funkiest players in all of Paris were actually members of an alien race bent on world domination?

After years of honing their skills, writing sick tunes, and blending (almost) perfectly with the human population, the intrepid band of funkateers known as Cobra Fantastic are reunited at last, and Planet Earth will never be the same again. It’s a Zappa-meets-P-Funk-meets-Sun-Ra monster robot groove machine, and it’s coming for you.

“Tales From Planet 9” entered Earth’s atmosphere on June 14th, 2019.Earthlings, put on your sunglasses. And get ready for The Funkabopulation.

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Calamity Jeanne

Bien touiller un blues amer, une guajira allègre, un swing futuriste, une fantaisie rétro, un reggae déluré, un folk impertinent, une bossa ondulante… Vous obtiendrez Calamity Jeanne, une vibration multiforme, un cachet singulier, audacieux, un son dense qui envoie du lourd tout en souplesse. Rien que ça.

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Jimy Rev

Jimy was born in Greater London and has been playing gritty English Blues Rock ever since he’s been old enough to wield a guitar. His powerhouse international band, with more nationalities than members, draws upon these influences and over half a decade of gigging together to electrify their live shows with hard hitting, teeth gritting, face melting, guitar music.

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